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Build Credibility With Testimonial Videos

Seeing is believing! People are far more likely to believe a video testimonial over a written review. Video lets the viewer connect and relate to the content far more so than with text.

Stand Out From Your Competitors With Video

Testimonial videos scream professionalism and are a surefire way to get your business noticed. Video helps ensure potential customers are choosing you, and not your competitors.

Video Is Proven To Increase Conversion Rates

How many sales are you missing out on where a client is on the fence about choosing your product or service? Client testimonial videos help push your leads over the line and into customers.

Let your Customers tell the world how good you are...

Why are Video Testimonials more effective than written reviews?

Client testimonial videos work – plain and simple.  Of course you are going to say how great your company is, people expect to hear that from you.  When an existing customer goes out of their way to say how great you are, on video, that’s when people truly listen.

Written testimonials have their place too, but video allows for a connection that can’t be attained through mere text on a page. Hearing the excitement in their voice, seeing the glimmer in their eyes, and sensing the enthusiasm in their body language, we see they’ve been genuinely impressed by the company they’re reviewing.

Video testimonials also allow an opportunity to visually showcase your product or service in action.  It really gives the viewer a solid idea of what your company does.  A straight “talking head” piece would become boring rather quickly, at Think Video Production we make sure the content is engaging from start to finish by incorporating a variety of supporting video shots. 

It may be tempting to try and film testimonials yourself on a mobile phone.  If your business is positioned as a ‘low cost’ option in the market, such content can be ‘fine’ for the quick throwaway social media post.  However, if you’re targeting the mid to upper ends of the market and you’re trying to convey a sense of professionalism, low quality (or “cheap”) content can do more harm than good.

The Think Video Production team brings not only a range of professional video cameras, lighting and microphones to each project, but the skills and knowledge of how to produce high quality video content that will help you grow and promote your brand. 

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Client Testimonial Video Success Story

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Conversions have over doubled since incorporating a video as part of our Facebook remarketing campaign. For other steps within the buying cycle, we saw an increase of between 1-4%. This sounds like a small increase, but with thousands of unique visitors each month, it really moves the sales needle and makes investing in video an absolute no-brainer.

Barney Lassen

Marketing Director , SkyMesh

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The Think Video Production team create engaging Client Testimonial Videos that build trust and boost sales. We're here to help with all your video needs.

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How we do Client Testimonial Videos

Our approach to video testimonials has produced excellent content for our customers. We create more than just a ‘talking head’ piece, Brisbane businesses turn to Think Video Production when they want professional and effective client video testimonials, so get in touch today to see how we can help you.

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With decades of experience in the video world, Simon and his brilliant Think Video Production team have a wealth of knowledge which you will have at your disposal.  You can trust these experts to put in place the best planning and execution to produce a creative original video giving you the advantage you are looking for.

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