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Social Media Video Ads

Social Media Video Advertising Is Affordable & Effective

The low price barrier and great ROI make social media video advertising something that all businesses should consider.

Our Video Ads Are Optimised For Mobile Phone Viewing

How we consume content is evolving. Social media is typically experienced from a mobile device and our video ads are shot with that in mind.

We Provide Original 'Outside Of The Box' Concepts

Not sure what to create? No worries - creativity is what we do. We can work with you and devise a unique ad that will get results.

Maybe You Just Need Some Content To Boost

Social Media Video Ads; Sometimes A Plain & Simple Ad Is The Best Approach

Social Media Video Ads – what are they exactly? After all, you can put up virtually any video you’d like on Social Media and give it a boost.  To us, Social Media Video Ads are short videos (typically 30-60 seconds in duration) with a very specific purpose.  That purpose is typically to advertise a product or service.

Once upon a time, video advertising was mostly done via television commercials.  With the high costs associated with purchasing air time, this avenue was out of reach from the majority of businesses.  Today, social media platforms offer a cost effective marketing solution, which can be utilised with great success even by the smallest of businesses.

With a well-made video, you’ll see a strong organic interaction rate on your social media streams. Those likes, shares and re-tweets will ensure your video reaches a wider audience – but you need to make sure your content is worthy, so those likes and shares happen!

You don’t need to have your own ideas and concepts to get started, because Think Video Production is also very experienced with the ideas and conception stage of video production. We’ll work with you to come up with the perfect idea that meets your needs and gets the results you’re looking for.  Talk to us today about video marketing strategies that we can implement in your business.

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Client Success Story

Leolec Electrical wanted a few video ads that they could promote on social media to ramp up their air-conditioning installations.  The Think Video Production team came up with three original concepts, all of which were shot during a single afternoon.  Shooting several videos not only resulted in more content that could be used, it also offered better value for money – reducing the total cost per video significantly.

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Some Dreams We're Proud Of

How we do Social Media Video Ads

When creating a Social Media Video Ad, we set out to understand your target audience.  Your business has either a product or a service, which is a solution for a certain need.  Figuring out what will resonate with them the most is the first step to creating any successful video ad.

Take a look at some of our videos ad examples.  

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With decades of experience in the video world, Simon and his brilliant Think Video Production team have a wealth of knowledge which you will have at your disposal.  You can trust these experts to put in place the best planning and execution to produce a creative original video giving you the advantage you are looking for.

Brisbane Videographer, Simon Woolnough, Owner of the Brisbane video production company, Think Video Production
Simon Woolnough

- Lead Video Creator

Carlos Trebilcock, Think Video Production Team Member
Carlos Trebilcock

- Video Editor

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