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Video Web Series Proves Your Authority In Your Field

Creating educational video content gives you a platform where you can flex all that industry knowledge you have.

Create & Sell Educational Video Packages Online

Depending on who you're audience is, training videos can be totally free or they could be packaged and sold. The Think Video Production team has experienced with both approaches.

Time Is Money & Training Videos Save Time

Be they for internal or external use, training videos save time. If you have a complicated product or procedure, don't waste time explaining it over and over again - let videos do the work for you.

Heard The Old Adage 'Quality Content Is King'? There's Nothing More 'Quality' Than Educational Content

Video Web Series

Video Web Series – what are they?  When we talk about web series, we are referring to a series of videos that set out to provide tips or knowledge in a certain area.  The topics are relevant to the industry of your business.  The content can be free to the public or, if the content is of value, it can be packaged and sold.  

The episodes are scripted and filmed in bulk (we recommend at least a dozen at a time), which keeps costs down and gives you a stockpile of content that can be drip fed out via social media channels or email newsletters on a weekly basis.

You may be wondering, “what purpose do free web series videos serve”?  They demonstrate your authority in your field, demonstrating why people pay you to do what you do!  Not only that, having regular content to release keeps your brand at the forefront of people’s minds – something that should not be underestimated!


Training Videos

Training videos – hang on a second, training videos seem similar to web series videos, right?  Yes, there can be some crossover between the two.  Generally speaking, training videos are more hands on or procedural.

Often training videos are created to streamline support channels.  If your business has a complex product, having a training video in place can prevent a customer needing to get in touch with your business for assistance – saving precious time.

Of course, training videos can be full-blown courses too.  These can be sold and become an additional income stream or form a part of a sales funnel, designed to bring in new customers and sell them on a much larger service or product.  Whatever the case may be, the Think Video Production team has you covered.  Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can implement a video strategy in your business.


In The Spotlight

Client Success Story - Web Series Video

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Video content has played a major role in KDM Financial’s success story.  This video was one of many filmed, which KDM Financial use on their social media networks and email newsletters.  
Some videos in the series provide insight into the many services they offer.  After releasing the videos, they saw a huge increase in cross-selling services to their existing client base.  The videos soon paid for themselves and then some!

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Another Completed Project We're Proud Of

How we do Training Videos

This example training video was part of a series of videos we produced, which goes through the features of a motorhome.  By introducing the training videos, the client has been able to drastically reduce the amount of phone calls their business receives from customers.  A win for both the client and the customer!

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